New Year Resolutions for Your Car

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Maintain Your Car Longer by Waxing

Waxing a Car

Waxing a Car

Everyone wants to maintain the value of their car as long as possible, whether they are hoping to sell it in a few years, or they are hoping to keep driving it for many years. Car waxing should be a few times a year and is an excellent way to protect the exterior if your vehicle and keep it in good shape.  Car wax helps to minimize the damage caused due to the harm caused by chemicals and it protects the paint from fading which keeps your car shining. You can tackle the job yourself, but if you are short on time, or would rather have someone else do it, there are plenty of services that will get it done.  A good car wax should always be used, after all it is only going to protect your car from climate and chemical hazards. A good car wax lasts for 3-4 months after which car polish should be applied to maintain the protective layer. The most important step before polishing your car is washing it.  Before you begin to wash your car you want to have the proper supplies. Try and find good car soap that is pH balanced and has fortified brighteners which won’t dull the paint. Waxing gives your car natural shine and helps to protect the paint from harsh environment. When applied, the wax forms a thin transparent layer over the car paint. This layer covers minor scratches, stone chips and other damages, making them less visible.

To wax your car you will need some good quality wax, a small soft sponge and a clean soft cloth towel. Your car must be very clean and dry. It’s good idea to start from the top and do the bottom panels last because there is always some dirt left at the bottom. You want to make a thin, even layer of wax. Try not to touch the surfaces like black window trim, rubber door seals and black matte plastic – the wax will leave white stains on them. Work on one section at the time. Allow the wax to haze (takes about a minute or two). Then buff it to a perfect shine with clean soft towel, rotating it frequently – clean part of the towel works best. It may take a little muscle to get the job done, but this simple step will keep your vehicle in much better shape for years to come.

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Tips to Prevent Breakdowns

stranded motoristNo one wants to be stranded on the side of a road, whether you are in the city, in the middle of no where, or on the highway. The fact is, with both new cars and old, breakdowns do happen, but there are certain steps you can take to minimalize to likelihood that it will happen to you. Follow these tips to help you get to your destination every time.

Oil and Coolant Problems: An undetected leak in a critical system can be devastating, possibly resulting in a blown engine or transmission or even brake failure. A simple step in preventing a total breakdown, or damage to the engine is to check your fluids on a regular basis. Anyone can do it, using your owner’s manual as a guide. Another good idea is to be aware of any leaks under where your car has been parked.   Black drips or rainbow looking spots are oil; green, orange, or yellow are coolant; and brown or reddish oily drips can be transmission or brake fluid. Any of those can spell trouble and warrant a trip to the mechanic to inspect your car.

Tire Issues: A flat tire can put a crimp in your day, a blow out can be down right dangerous. Newer models have self contained tire pressure monitors. If yours doesn’t, then check the pressure on a regular schedule.  Also take time to look over your tires. If they seem warn down it may be time for a replacement. Keep all tires, including the spare, properly inflated to the automaker’s recommended pressure by checking them monthly. Also, inspect the tire sidewalls for bulges or cracks.

CheckTirePressureDead Battery: If your car won’t even turn over it is likely a dead battery.  All batteries will weaken over time, and leaving on lights or radio overnight will drain the battery even more.  Furthermore, a lot of short trips will weaken it further.  Be sure to have the battery and alternator tested as part of an annual inspection.

Locked out: No one wants to call the tow company to come and pick their lock. It can add hours and money to an already busy day.  If your spare key won’t fit in your purse or wallet, consider a magnetic box, which you can hide beneath the car or behind the license plate. Or, before you shut your door, check every time that your key is in your possession.

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Simple Car Maintenance Worth your Time

Owning a vehicle is not an inexpensive endeavor.  Some of these costs drivers have no control over, for example fuel, repairs and insurance rates.  But there is one factor that can help keep the cost of owning a vehicle less expensive: making your car last longer and maintaining its value. Consider these tips to keep your car running great and looking sharp.

oilchange-checkEfficient Driving: The way you drive has an effect on how long your car — and your gas — will last. This means avoiding revving the engine out of a stop and slamming on the brakes every time you come to a light. If you gain good driving habits you will save wear and tear, and also fuel.

Fluids and Filters: The car’s oil and oil filter should be checked and changed on a regular basis.  Other fluids and filters also need regular maintenance. Changing your air filter helps your car breathe easier and the engine last longer.

Scheduled Checkups: Finding a repair shop and mechanic you trust helps extend the life of your vehicle, as you are more likely to take it in for proper tune ups if you feel comfortable at the shop. A good mechanic will also get to know your car and look over it the same way every time.

Tire Care: Correct inflation pressure is key for safety, good fuel consumption, and avoiding damage to the car.  It is easy and cost very little to check the pressure and add air if necessary.

CheckTirePressure-main_FullSun and Dirt Protection:  Taking care of the exterior of your car by regularly washing and waxing it is very important. The interior should be regularly cleaned too.  Appearance of a vehicle is just as important as its mechanical aspects If possible, keep your car in a garage, carport, or cover.  The sun can do damage over time and things such as tree sap on your vehicle can damage the paint.

It is well worth it to spend some time inspecting your car every now and then. Check to see if the tires are wearing unevenly. Open the hood and check out the hoses. Make sure all the lights are working. The few minutes it takes are worth it. Keeping your car maintained will not only make it last longer but also will make it much more pleasant to drive — which will make you want to take better care of it.

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