Tips For CPO Shopping

For any consumer shopping for a used car certified preowned (CPO) cars are one option that will reduce the risks in purchasing used. While the vehicle will be slightly more expensive then one that is not certified, it is worth the guarantee for many that the car is in good shape. Not all CPO programs are the same, though, so follow these tips to find your best options for a CPO vehicle.

Always read the paper work: Find out what the warranty covers and whether you’ll need to pay a deductible for qualifying repairs.

What if you sell: Note whether the certification is transferable if you sell the car and, if so, whether there’s a transfer fee.

Where is work done: Find out where you must bring the car for warranty work — the original dealer, any same-brand dealership or some type of independent repair shop? Ask what you’re required to do in emergencies if no dealer is nearby.

Closely read details of the inspection: Examine the checklist the dealership mechanic used when inspecting the car you’re considering. Once you decide to buy, ask for a copy.

Posted by pfiorini on Apr 22 2010 in Used Car Information