2015 Dodge Challenger & Charger Revealed in NY

All new 2015 Dodge Challenger, and the 2015 Dodge Charger are revealed at the 2014 International Auto Show in New York. Watch the full revealing and presentation from Dodge Brand CEO Tim Kuniskis. What do you feel about the new models? We are very excited about the new models, with some of the same styling that ties together the nostalgia of old muscle car feel and contemporary technology.

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Jeep Concepts Announced at Easter Safari

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So What Exactly is this LX Platform?

Steve Magnante the man behind the ever popular car enthusiast blog stevemags.com, works with Dodge to provide viewers a clear and educated explanations for the Spring Festival of LX’s came to be, and where the LX, LC and LD platforms can be found in the Dodge vehicle lineup. Steve also tells you about how the history of the Dodge Muscle cars; Magnum, Charger and Challenger came about.

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The 2014 Award Season Event at Arrigo

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The All-New Jeep Renegade

Mike Manley, the President and CEO of the Jeep Brand took to the stage at the recent Geneva International Motors Show. In this presentation he speaks about the all-new Renegade Jeep model, but also gives us a walk-around and thorough explanation.

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Every Weekend is a Great Deal in February

With deals that could save you 33% off your next vehicle, or even the purchase of a vehicle for as low as $2,999.00, how can you even go wrong. For all our current specials be sure to stop in or view our current Newspaper Ads.

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President’s Day Specials at Arrigo Auto

For a full list of all the specials happening this President’s Day weekend, please reach out to us, stop in, or visit our website www.arrigopalmbeach.com.

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Jeep Cherokee Appeals to Your Restless Side

The second commercial spot shown during this past years Super Bowl by the FIAT Chrysler Group was the presentation of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. The 60 second ad spot was presented during the half time show commercial break. Although there has already been 2014 Cherokee commercials that have already shown its new style and design, but this one finally brought forth the message that Jeep really wanted to provide with its new look SUV.

Titled Restless, the minute long advertisement shows a collection of young and adventurous personalities that such ad adventurous group is expected to do. Thinks like; cliff diving, skateboarding and star-gazing, ultimately enjoying the every second of their young lives. It is not until now that we really understand the intention of the new Cherokee designs, as this commercial really puts into place the reason for the new innovative changes made, and who the ideal owner of a Cherokee should be. If you are the adventurous type, regardless of age and sex. If you like to take advantage of every living and breathing moment, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee was made for you.

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Jeep Off-Road Tips


Tips for Steep Terrain

“Take Your Time - The biggest mistake you can make is to mash the gas when attempting steep obstacles. Instead of stabbing the throttle, back down and analyze the obstacle.  Try a slightly different line or a little more speed.  Spinning tires don’t provide nearly as much traction as tires that are stuck to the ground. 

Know what’s Ahead - If you cannot see the other side of the hill or obstacle you are about to attempt, it is wise to get out and check ahead to make certain that it is safe.  Once you are belted in and behind the wheel it is too late to worry about what is on the other side or if there is traffic coming the other way down the trail.  Another reason to check ahead is to survey the terrain.  Once you start up the climb, it is likely that all you will see is hood and sky.   

Use Your Gears - The key to making it up (or down) excessively steep terrain is to pick the right gear.  Too high of a gear and you risk stalling; too low of a gear and you might not have the speed to keep your vehicle moving.  You want to have enough momentum to make it to the end of the climb without having to shift in the middle of the obstacle. This is generally easier in vehicles with more gearing options, such as dual transfer cases, or with automatics, since the torque converter provides a safe margin for error.  

Winch for Safety - If you think that there is a chance you might roll backwards off a steep ascent, or forwards off of a descent, hook up the winch to be safe.  It is better to have the winch attached and not need it than to have to fumble to find the controller and unspool the cable in a precarious situation.  Just remember not to run the cable over as you make forward progress.
Wrangler or Wrangler Unlimited? – A Jeep Wrangler and a Wrangler Unlimited (4 door) on the same climb will produce drastically different results.  The extra three feet of wheelbase on the Unlimited means that on many obstacles, the front tires are already up before the rear tires reach the ledge.  Similarly, on descents there is less chance the rear of the vehicle will try to pass the front.  The tradeoff is maneuverability.  The two-door Wrangler will be superior in tight trails and angled objects that require a good breakover angle.  

Avoid a Stall - While it is nearly impossible to kill the engine in a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, rigs fitted with manuals are much easier to stall.  When the engine shuts off, power brakes and power steering essentially become manual.  This can greatly reduce your ability to stop and turn just when you need it the most.  Attempt to keep the vehicle running at all times if possible.  If the engine does stall, attempt to restart it with the transmission in gear and the clutch out.  A hand throttle is another helpful modification to keep the engine running while your feet work the clutch and the brake pedals.  ” (Source: http://www.arrigopalmbeach.com/guide-to-jeep-offroading.htm)

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Take Advantage of Our Great Sales: January 2014

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